Boudoir Shoot with Sandra Thomas – owner of Satin Candy Bra Boutique

If you have been to either of the Satin Candy stores in Kloof or Durban North you will have seen the beautiful, bound book on display, showcasing the exquisite pictures Sandra Thomas posed for in her Boudoir shoot.
Sandra Thomas was interviewed to get her account of the experience and why she recommends that every women owes it to themselves to document their beauty.

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Q. Stripping down to your skivvies in front of a stranger (even professional) is intimidating. How did Sandra Keddie make you feel comfortable with the experience? Is alcohol involved?

A. You just don’t feel uncomfortable. Sandra always has a camera infront of her so she is never looking directly at you. It is strangely uninhibiting.

And if you are shy I recommend her totally, as I think Sandra errs on the side of conservative. You forget about any anxieties and just have fun with it… And yes, you can have a drink if you want. 

Q. How much, um, “grooming” are most women doing before these photo shoots?

A. Make sure you shave, wax or what every you do! It’s always best to do this a little bit before the shoot, if you have sensitive skin, to avoid razor burn or skin rash. We also all feel sexier when we are well groomed and that confidence will show in the pictures. 
Q. What about Hair and Make up? 

A. There is a make-up artist who is very skilled and helps you to create the look you desire. For your hair, I recommend you get it done before the shoot with your own hairdresser as there is no hair stylist on site. (This was true at the time of the interview, but hair styling is now available).

Q. Is there a set style or look to the photographs Sandra takes or are you allowed to choose?

A. Yes I got to choose. Sandra has props, and you can take your own props if you want, for example a guitar. She works with you to come up with the right style and feel while making recommendations based on her professional experience.  

Q. What did you do with your pictures? What did your husband think?

A. I did it for the our Satin Candy Customers. I wanted to show them what could be done and how amazing it can make you feel. A normal everyday person has their own beauty, and with a clever camera angle, make up and the right underwear, Sandra can bring out the lingerie model in all of us! My husband adored them, but the books were for the shops, not for him.

Q. Once the photo shoot actually begins, what happens? Do you have a posing coach?

A. Sandra gently guides you through your poses while playing music. She is so professional. You work with one scene, then go and change into your next outfit and come back to a new scene and continue. Afterwards she will sit down with you and together you chose the pictures you will use in your book.

Q. Every woman has a “problem” area that she feels self-conscious about. How does Sandi work around that? 

A. She’ll work around your insecurities, using props, camera angles and Photoshop to get the look you desire and help you feel confident.

Q. How did you feel after the shoot?

A. After the shoot I felt that I had accomplished something for me. I felt extremely confident and beautiful.

We will never look better than we do today so its nice to document for ourselves or our daughters what we looked like at a certain age. 

It truly is the height of pampering, and every women deserves to feel gorgeous. 


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